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49-53 Seater Coach-Hire

Bradford is a metropolis in West Yorkshire England and one of the beautiful places to be on holiday. It’s a city stocked with amazing attractions to enjoy as a couple, friends or travelling family. If you will be looking for affordable transport for large groups, a good choice would be a minibus hire in Bradford.

As Coach Hire Bradford, we are the experts to call for the ideal minibus hire packages. We have several 49 seater and 53 seater coaches in our fleet to ensure you travel together no matter how large your group is. On request, we will also provide an experienced driver who will be your tour guide for the day.

Things to Do in Bradford
One beautiful place to visit and relax in the warm afternoons is Lister Park. There are plenty of sculptures in the park to interest you: the stag, goddess Diana, the great Samuel Cucliffe Lister statue just to mention a few. Another attraction within the park is Cartwright Hall and a monument commemorating Titus Salt, a famous industrialist who made a big impact in the Saltaire village.

If you enjoy architectural details on a building, the Bradford Cathedral is a beautiful edifice worth the visit. Also called the St Peter Cathedral, this is one of the oldest buildings in Bradford, and a great place to hunt for the history of the city. But it’s the impressive interior design that will captivate you, borrowing design inspirations from as early as the 18th century.

Then there is Bolling Hall and the great haunted tales that lurks around it. In this very building is a master bedroom known as the Ghost Room, where a great Earl was confronted by a ghostly apparition. The Earl was about to slaughter the entire Bradford village when the ghost of a woman appeared to him at night to plead for the Bradford souls. How true is this? You will definitely find out when you visit the building.

Events Coming Up in Bradford
There are plenty of events that happen in the city that definitely calls for a Bradford coach hire. Some interesting events coming up this month include:

September 4: Ella Eyre Performance
September 5: Ghostfest at the University of Leeds
September 6: Aerobics women zone
September 9: Lang Lang Piano Concert
Why Coach Hire Bradford
Having been in the business for years, we have honed our customer relations to ensure friendly services whenever it is convenient for you. We have large 49 to 53 seater minibuses with experienced drivers to chauffer you around.

Check our website for ideal minibus hire in Bradford packages. We have a Bradford coach hire ready to transport you conveniently around the city.