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Coach Hire Bradford will have a minibus waiting for you once you check in at the airport. No matter how large your group is or the number of luggage you are travelling with, all our Bradford coach hire buses are spacious enough to fit both passengers and cargo. Head over to our website on and check our competitive rates.

There are plenty of things to do in Bradford when you have time to spare. Given that most of the attraction worth visiting are scattered all over town, we definitely urge you to try our minibus hire in Bradford packages for a convenient bus to ferry you around.

Things to Do in Bradford
There is plenty of inspiring architecture, serene parks and revelling events to keep your Bradford holiday busy with fun. Once you have secured your minibus hire in Bradford airport, take the time to visit these tourist spots tucked within Bradford.

For the lover of architecture, there is plenty of it in Bradford to serve an entire group of tourists. With Bradford coach hire from the airport, your first stop should be at the Fulneck Moravian Church. From the outside, this eccentric edifice sits on a scenic environment overlooking the Tong and Fulneck valleys. The inside is equally pristine, showcasing features that have been preserved for centuries. Fulneck Church also hosts some great events in Bradford; you might want to check their program itinerary while there.

The Bradford Cathedral is another building lavishly designed to the standards of the Fulneck Church. Construction of the church began as early as the 14th century with several updates made through the centuries to complete the final magnificent piece that has stood the test of time. The inside is quite captivating, featuring unparalleled symmetric pillars, precisely arranged benches and seamlessly sculptured murals on the walls and windows. It has this gothic feel to it when you walk in.

Bradford Alhambra should be on your list of places to visit as well while in the city. Isolated by concrete and tarmac all round, this theatre is a beautiful edifice by day and comes alive at night with the many shows held there. It used to be a residential address of the Emirate of Granada, so there is some bit of history to learn as well.

Top Events in Bradford
If not for its attractions, Bradford is still a hotspot for major annual events, bringing revellers and fun lovers from all over the world. Here are some of the exciting things happening on the Bradford Calendar:

4 to 6 Sept 2015: Bingley Music Live (annual indie and pop music festival)
7 to 11 Sept 2015: Ilkely Art Trail (variety of art pieces from over 44 creative minds)
12 to 13 Sept 2015: World Curry Festival (Food and Drinks)
11 to 20 Sept 2015: Saltaire Festival
2 July 2016: Adonis Hen Nights
2nd Jan 2016: Wine Tasting with Lunch
3rd Jan 2016: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Why Choose Us
We have a wide number of coach hire buses and a staff that is friendly to all our clients. We are conversant with all Bradford road networks, so rest assured we can pick you from the airport and drop you to any place you want. Click on the link to book your first airport minibus.